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Frequently Asked Questions

Collision Repair and Insurance Claims

Q: Do you work with Insurance Companies?

A: Yes, we work with all insurance companies and handle all collision and comprehensive claims, EXCEPT HAIL DAMAGE CLAIMS.

Q: My insurance provider is telling me I have to use their "Preferred Repair Facility" to fix my car, but I would rather have you guys repair it. Do I HAVE to bring my car to them?

A: It is your right to choose where you want your car fixed. You have the choice to bring it to a top rated repair facility such as us, with hundreds of 5 Star customer testimonials VS. a large franchise shop with long turnaround times and poor quality and customer service.

Q: What is your average turnaround time for repairing my vehicle?

A: Repair times have many varying factors including insurance company approval (if applicable), parts availability and damage severity. 90% of collision repairs are completed with 2-4 Weeks.

Q: Will my estimate stay the same and not change in price? (Out of pocket only)

A: We make estimates from visual damage only and there is more than likely underlying/unseen damage that we cannot assess until the vehicle is dropped off and disassembled. Every estimate is preliminary and is subject to change after disassembly and inspection. 

Q: What type of replacement parts are being used to repair my vehicle?

A: Your insurance company, your policy coverage and the year and make of your vehicle decide whether your vehicle will be using OEM or Aftermarket replacement parts. If paying out of pocket for repairs, we will use OEM or aftermarket per your request/budget.

Q: How do you guys warranty your collision repair work and paint?

A: We stand behind our quality and customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the fit or finish, we will address any issues within the first week of completion/pickup. Our paint is warrantied for 7 years from any peeling, degrading or delamination. Manufacturer warranties are applied to any electrical or body parts. 

Q: I bought the parts already, can you use them to fix my car?

A: No, we do not use customer supplied parts for repairing collision damages.

Q: Are there any vehicles that you cannot fix?

A: We repair all makes and models EXCEPT all EV's.

Mechanical Repairs and Performance Upgrades

Q: Do you guys work on "_________" cars?

A: We diagnose, repair and service most makes and models, with the exception of the following:

Any European vehicle's internal engine, transmission and drivetrain repairs. (BMW, Audi, MB, Etc) We can accommodate suspension, brakes and electrical diagnosis and repairs on EU vehicles.

- NO timing components on all vehicles except Ford Modular engines (All 96-24 V8 Mustangs, Ford Trucks),
Small Block Fords (289, 302, 351W), Chevy small block and LS engines.

Why not?  99% of the time these jobs require special/expensive tools that we don’t ever reuse.

Q: Do you guys rebuild transmissions and/or differentials?

A: We do not rebuild transmissions, only remove and install replacement transmissions, transaxles and differentials. We do rebuild only ford 8.8" and 9" differentials.

Q: What is your average turnaround time for repairing my vehicle?

A: Repair times have many varying factors including parts availability and damage severity. 90% of mechanical repairs are completed within 1-3 business days.

Q: Do you charge for just diagnosing the issue on my car?

A: Yes, we charge hourly for diagnosing any mechanical or electrical issue. We use thousands of dollars in equipment and tools and many years of knowledge and problem solving skills to properly diagnose issues the FIRST time and DO NOT throw parts at your vehicle and guess what is wrong with it.

Q: I bought my own parts, will you install them for me?

A: Yes we can install customer supplied parts if they are in new condition from companies that we know and trust. We do not install used parts or cheap aftermarket low-quality replacement parts. We do not warranty customer supplied parts.

Q: What is your warranty for mechanical repairs?

A: Every part manufacturer has a different warranty term that we do honor. We do not warranty labor to replace a faulty part unless it is due to installation error on our part.

Q: Can you guys order the parts before I drop my car off for the fastest turnaround time possible?

A: Yes, we can order parts before dropping off you car with the following things provided.

- Issue diagnosed by us or a reputable repair shop (if applicable).

- Deposit for the parts price.

- All information for the vehicle such as year, make, model and VIN#.

Custom Work and Restorations

Q: Can you guys paint non vehicle related items?

A: Yes, we paint many different things from motorcycles to guitars. Please fill out estimate form to send details and photos.

Q: What type of paint do you guys use?

A: We use high quality PPG, 3M and SEM paint and materials. DBC Deltron for show quality and restorations jobs. We mix all base coats, mid coats and colors in house for the best results possible.

Q: I want my vehicle restored but there is rust damage, can you guys fix it?

A: While we do repair rust, there are many factors determining how we can. This includes availability of replacement panels and location and severity of the rust damage. Please contact us to meet with our team to discuss restoration options.

Q: Do you guys specialize in restoring Ford Mustangs?

A: We do specialize in restoring '64-'70 and '79 & up Ford Mustangs. 

Q: What all can you guys restore on my car?

A: We perform all body, paint, suspension and drivetrain work in house and use our trusted vendors for upholstery/tops, engine machine work, powdercoating, chrome plating and wheel repairs.

Q: What customizations to my car, do you guys offer?

A: We can customize anything from lighting to vinyl accents on any vehicle. We do not offer full vehicle vinyl wraps. Contact us for options to make your vehicle stand out!

General Questions and Appointments

Q: What are your labor rates?


Body Labor : $72/Hr.

Paint Labor: $72/Hr.

Mechanical Labor: $135/Hr.

Paint/Materials Rate: $46/Hr.

Custom Restoration Work: $95/Hr.

Q: Do you guys accept walk in appointments?

A: Yes we welcome walk in customers for estimates, collision repair and custom painting, but do not accept them for mechanical repairs or diagnosis. Please contact us to set up an appointment for mechanical services,

Q: What time can I drop off my vehicle to get the repairs started?

A: Our office is open for drop offs from 9AM to 7PM on weekdays, however you are able to drop off any time or day with the use of our key drop box located next to our old office at 2604 Suite B. (New office is located right next door)

Q: Do you guys offer payment plans?

A: We work with SNAP FINANCING for payment plans. You can get approved for up to $5,000 to put towards any of our services. The link to apply is located on our main page. Other than SNAP, we do not offer payment plans.

Q: Do you guys have loaner vehicles/cover rentals?

A: No, we do not.

Q: Are you guys affiliated with VLZ Collision or VELIZ Collision located at Salem Rd. in Victoria, TX?

A: No, we are not affiliated with VLZ Collision or VELIZ Collision.

Q: Can you guys come by my house or business to give me an estimate or fix my car?

A: No, we do not offer mobile services for estimating or mobile mechanic services.

Q:  Can I wait in the office while my vehicle is being serviced or repaired?

A: Yes, of course, but please keep in mind our office does close for lunch from 12-1PM.

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